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This avoids death-by-meeting I purposely made our conference room furniture ridiculously uncomfortable to avoid long meetings and keeps us moving forward without me micromanaging them. Don't quit your job until you are having a nervous breakdown trying to run your business while holding a job. Do it until it almost kills you.

You need cash flow, and your job is what keeps the lights on. Also, don't get an office until you absolutely must. Register for the Landmark Forum.

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It absolutely changed my life, and I wouldn't have built my business without it. It's basically a self-help class, and it reprogrammed my brain for success. I have met countless CEOs who have taken it. I send almost all of my staff there. If you take it and do everything they ask you to do, you will never be the same. I won! Forum Help x.

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Keep me logged in. Forgotten Your Password? Don't have a Forum account? Have a Forum account? Login Here. Search Post reply Subscribe to thread. Join Login. Thread Tools. What's this? Anyone used J Parker online? I was thinking of ordering from them, but was really put off ordering plants via the post after get the 'free' fuchias last year from van Meuwen. Are the plants of good quality? Thank you! There are currently no thanks for this post.

Page 1. I used them once. The plants were ok but took an age to arrive. That said i am also trying Mr!!!!!!!!!!!

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Users saying Thanks 1. I used them this year. Took a long time to arrive up to six weeks , the smaller plants arrived dead, but they refunded promptly when I complained. The bigger plants have been great - I had some dogwood and Christmas box that I was really pleased with, and the bulbs were ok too. I wouldn't buy the plug plants again but I would buy larger plants. Thanks, I think I might give online buying a miss and just stick to seeds then. I tried them last year and they took such a long time to arrive so I don't think I'll bother again.

Plants were good quality though. I live near the shop and the quality of the plants have always been very good, although not sure about mail order though.

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I have used Parkers for many years. HTH Mags. I ordered some fruit trees from J Parker in October which were suppose to arrive by the middle of November. When they didn't arrive I contacted J Parker via the web leaving my email address and they replied via letter 5 days later. The reason for the delay was due to the weather being too warm, and the trees arrived at the beginning of December.

I also got a free hebe with the order which was very much alive. I ordered some tulip bulbs from Parkers and foolishly left them in the box until I had time to plant them. I was amazed when they all grew in the spring and were really beautiful! I've ordered from them a few times.

Plants have been generally on the poor side, but my main bugbear is delivery. Last year they tossed a box of bare root gooseberry bushes over the back fence when I was out, didn't leave a note and it was a week before I found them. They did the same with some bulbs before that as well.